About us

Kia ora!

How did Chur Brew come to be? Like any good small NZ business, there's always a back story, and for this one, you're gonna need a coffee.....

Ours started when Mitch, our founder, stumbled (literally) after a night out in Auckland City, to a nearby cafe for breakfast and in desperate need of a coffee. Little did he know, his life was about to change, forever!

When asked which type of filter coffee he wanted with his breakfast and after being informed that a 'Flat White' wasn't an option, he did what any bloke in that situation would do.......pointed at the first and said 'That one!'

Then the taste sensation began! The various tasting notes, the fruity flavours as it cooled, the sudden kick of life back into his body had him questioning was he still drunk? Or why he hadn't explored this type of coffee before!

From then, his newly found love of the liquid black gold grew stronger and stronger and the endless rabbit holes of videos online of different brew methods and devices made his bank account weaker and weaker!

Fast forward 2 years and the love has grown even stronger, the fascination of coffee and its depth, how the slightest change in a variable can alter the taste of a brew so significantly. After ordering bags of various single origin beans from various roasters around NZ and enjoying them each so differently, he embarked on this journey, to bring you our customer the same enjoyment, the same taste sensations and the same insights into the complex nature of specialty coffee and the awesome local roasters that NZ has to offer!

So whether you're 5 or 10 years deep on your 'coffee journey' or have just visited the same cafe and had your own hungover mind blown, give a subscription a whirl and see for yourself!